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Dr. Marcia Younger

With 15 years of Orthodontic experience, Dr. Younger values the rewards of her profession by creating beautiful smiles and improving oral health. Whether it’s a child, teenager or adult patient, Dr. Younger enjoys building that lifelong relationship and experiencing the developmental changes that increase self-esteem and confidence in her patients. With earning her Bachelors Degree in nursing from Clemson University, Dr. Younger has always had a passion for taking care of and helping people. After working as a trauma Nurse for 8 years, Dr. Younger went back to school at The Ohio State University to earn her Dental Degree. Before graduating in 1998 as Magna Cum Laude, she was also inducted into the prestigious Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society. Being in the top of her dental Class, Dr. Younger earned her acceptance into the University of Washington’s Orthodontic Program, which for many is considered the number one orthodontic program in the United States. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2000 with her certificate in Orthodontics and Masters of Science in Dentistry. Since graduating, Dr. Younger continues to attend Orthodontic meetings and seminars to keep up with the most patient friendly and up to date orthodontic technologies. At our complimentary exam or first office visit, we will evaluate you and design a customized treatment plan that suits you. Patient’s are often surprised at what a difference orthodontics can make with their smile, oral health, comfort and ability to maintain beautiful teeth for a lifetime. Straightening teeth and improving your bite can also help with self-esteem as well as oral hygiene and ease of keeping your teeth clean. Dr. Younger loves what she does and is very appreciative of the staff she gets to work with everyday as they are a tremendous support system for our valued patients. The staff is very excited to begin this journey with you. Between the Dr. and staff, it’s a fantastic team and the reason why Fabulous Smiles Orthodontics is the place for you.
Our Team

We do not think you can find a better-trained, more compassionate team to help provide your orthodontic care. Most members of our team have worked together in our practice for years. They are highly skilled and keep abreast of the latest developments in orthodontics by attending regular continuing education courses. They look forward to sharing their passion for orthodontics with you.
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The Lythos Digital Impression System is a handheld intraoral three-dimensional (3D) imager intended for the use inside the human oral cavity to digitally capture the 3D topography of teeth, gingival, and/or palate in clinical settings. It is intended to replace traditional impression materials, which are the current standard for orthodontic recording. And ADVANCE ORTHODONTICS has this technology literally at their finger tips.
  • A single high resolution scan allows for a dual-arch capture in an average of 7 minutes to capture data with speed and ease
  • The smaller wand tip and ability to capture data in a wet environment (no messy powders or coating), resulting in less patient discomfort and chair time and allows operators to access the posterior easily, maximizing patient comfort.
  • Digital impressions for every patient can be stored for up to 10 years.

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